Before you all start hating, this is a (somewhat accurate) joke. Yes there are a lot of stereotypes and this BY NO MEANS represents everyone in this country. You men are all amazing. We <3 you (no really, we do). The being said, here are the seven types of guys you will date in Lebanon.

1. The Hipster

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Ah yes, the illustrious hipster. These guys are deep man, they’re deep. You probably fell in love with him at first sight as you stumbled in to one of his gigs by chance. And no one is blaming you, I mean, who can resist a sexy guitarist? He's opened your eyes to an entire new world of art and music – which, mind you, is no new discovery at all. So please, spare us the bravado. You’re not an artistic God for knowing about Arcade Fire, Jean Luc Godard and Allen Ginsberg. Also, Banksy? He's been around for years. YEARS. Meanwhile, the two of you have been on some questionable dates in some pretty shady places (Yukunkun, anyone? Amazing place, but lets be real, it looked super shady the first time you went). "Creative differences" will probably get the best of you guys. That, and you can't bare to spend yet another night partying at C U NXT SAT.

2. The Super Sports Fan

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This one you can spot from miles away, walking around in his neon jersey. Game night is holy night. Don’t call. Don’t text. Don’t stop by. And most importantly, don’t even think of making plans. Don’t even think about it. He’s exuberant when his team beats a sworn enemy, but on the days they lose, oh my, are you in for a pleasant night. He tries repeatedly to convince you that football isn’t a game, it’s a way of life. He will never give up on trying to get you into it, but a word to the wise: if you don't even try to make the best of it, you’re headed straight for Splitsville.

3. The Gym Rat

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Mr. Buff Guy over here thinks he’s the shit. He walks into the gym, bench presses 500 pounds, walks out and thinks he's the king of the world. Women are not women to this guy, they are interchangeable arm candy. Don’t even try to contest this; we all know this type of guy exists. If you’re dating him, it’s because he’s hot, not because you have an undeniable bond. And that’s perfectly ok, just don’t come crying to me when he dumps you the second you start slacking off at the gym.

4. The Mama’s Boy

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Don’t get me wrong, mothers are God. They are number one in all circumstances, no question. However, this guy takes it to a whole new level. Mama over here dictates your relationship. She decides if you’re good enough, where you go, what you do, and how you do it. The mama’s boy is so pampered and spoiled that he creates unattainable standards. When the woman you idolize does everything for you – perfectly – then in a way, you, the dutiful girlfriend, are expected to do the same. Look, there is a reason moms are like superwomen: no one, and I mean no one, can do what they do (that includes your girlfriend). Ultimately, the expectations are just too high; come back down to earth honey.

5. The Genius with the Social Life

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Ahhhh, Mr. Perfect. Literally. He’s smart, funny, cute, ambitious, motivated, caring, loving -- do you see where this is going or should I just keep listing all of his flawless traits? He somehow manages to have a stellar transcript and a great social life. Everyone loves him and every girl dreams of him. This is the closest thing in real life you will ever get to Prince Charming. He doesn’t want you to hit the gym, change your style, listen to a different type of music, or change your group of friends. Nope, he wants you just the way you are. This is all great, but, let me just ask a question over here: How can anyone ever compete with that?

6. The Party Animal

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This guy is in every photo album on BeirutNightLife. Miraculously, his glass of vodka sec always manages to make its way into the picture. If you’re into this, head to Skybar. Or MAD. Or BO18. He can usually be seen chilling with the Gym Rat. Every so often they are the same person.

7. The One with the Money

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This guy doesn’t care about anyone, anywhere, at any point of time; he is untouchable. He has better hair than you, better clothes, a better car, a better bag, and most definitely a better house. He is the guy in Kanye West’s ‘Gold Digger’ song. You can find him in the VIP section surrounded by girls resembling Victoria’s Secret models. Cheers.

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