is the first of many to come solutions provided by Beirutology SAL. is the go to site where people can easily locate the best place for spending their day, whether it’s in the morning, at noon, or at night! With any venue is one click away! Socialize and expand your Friend network with other people with the same or different tastes as you. Don’t ever miss another Happy Hour in Lebanon; Know exactly what’s the best happy hour for you to attend at a specific time. Share with your friends your favorite places, Favorite event, Happy hours happening in Lebanon. Locate and get detailed information on Restaurants, Night Clubs, Pubs, and Beaches... In Lebanon. You type it like it sounds and we find it, don’t worry about typing the exact restaurant name anymore, will process your request as you type it and provide you with what you're looking for. Searching for a restaurant with a hard to spell name has never been easier! Furthermore, Beirutna acts as an information and management portal to all restaurants interested to enhance their customer experience.

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