In a country where vehicles are close to outnumbering people, traffic is always an issue. We spend way too much time on the road, but here are five simple ways to make something good out of your daily commute.

1. Discover New Music

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Skip the radio and use the time to take on new music genres, create experimental playlists and explore the work of artists you haven’t heard of before. Now if you don’t feel like putting much effort into it (playlists and all the stuff), familiarize yourself with one or two music discovery apps (stuff like, 8tracks, and Jango Radio) and you’re ready to go.

2. Brainstorm

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Today’s rush-hour-like lifestyle has made it nearly impossible for you to just stop and think. Your daily commute may be your only opportunity for personal reflection. Mentally organize your priorities for the day, review your schedule, make sense of the world around you (the vehicles as well). Why not also download interesting podcasts onto your smartphone or even catch up on your reading via audiobooks?

3. Sing Along

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For those of you who sing in the shower, singing in the car won’t be that much of an issue. Singing exercises the muscles implicated in breathing, and it also releases endorphins (neurotransmitters associated with feelings of euphoria) and the hormone oxytocin, which has been found to relieve stress. Don’t be afraid to unleash your long-buried vocal talents while driving, it’s both energizing and relaxing.

4. Carpool

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Think about it, you can help reduce traffic, protect the environment, save some gas, and pass the time, all while in good company. Running out of carpool buddies? Create your own small network of carpoolers. One last piece of advice, choose your commute companion(s) wisely (you don’t wanna end up with a headache).

5. Disconnect

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Technology has become strongly embedded into our daily lives. It’s like sometimes you just need to unplug, relax, and enjoy the ride. Forget about your phone and devices for a while (notifications can wait). A daily dose of tech-detox won’t hurt.

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