You can’t think of Lebanon and not think of food. It’s like the culture here. Have you ever thought about what your favorite Lebanese food says about your personality? Read on, friends.

1. Tabbouleh: The Classic

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Traditional and unadventurous, you’re firm and determined in your food beliefs. Too much or too little lemon juice ticks you off. You like it the way you like it.

2. Fattoush: The Offbeat

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Twisted and independent, you won't let anyone influence your food choices. You like to mix things up: sometimes the pita goes on top, other times you just mix those bad boys in the salad.

3. Hummus: The Inescapable

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Resolved and confident, everyone seems to like you and you seem to be just fine with it. No matter what others may do in an attempt to dim your spark, you simply smile through the madness. Just make sure your self-confidence does not turn into self-centerdness. Never doubt your food choices.

4. Kebbeh: The Meticulous

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Patient and hardworking, you like everything around you to be neat and organized. People may find you unexciting on the outside, but just wait until they get to know you on the inside.

5. Falafel: The Optimistic

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Stress-free and lighthearted, appearances are of no interest to you. Your psychological well-being is what matters most. All you care about is having a good time with good company.

6. Kousa: The Intricate

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Experienced and persistent, a few failed attempts won't bring you down. You have a clear vision of the future and getting your hands a bit dirty to achieve your goals in life is never a problem. Watch out though, digging too deep may generate irremediable problems (you don’t wanna end up like a perforated Kousa).

7. Mujaddara: The Genuine

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Casual and authentic, you’re far from being sophisticated yet have a superior quality about you that makes you interesting, attractive, irresistible. Your charm may not be easily discernable at first but when your true self shines through, you're irresistible.

8. Mulukhieh: The Multitasker

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Difficult and multidisciplinary, you refuse to settle for average and always aspire for the very best. Multitasking is your forte and you always know how to make something good come out of it. People have mixed opinions about you, maybe because you enjoy playing hard to get a bit too much.

9. Stuffed Vine Leaves: The Disciplined

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Careful and orderly. You love making plans and are able to execute them most of the time. Order is of supreme value to you. You never let things get out of hand but are always ready to come up with creative solutions.

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