If you're looking for sharp political analysis and newsworthy trends, here are 13 Beirut-based journalists you should be following.

1. Michael Young (@beirutcalling) – The Daily Star

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Michel Young is Opinion Editor at The Daily Star newspaper, as well as a contributing editor at Reason magazine, where he publishes bi-weekly articles. He was previously the English Publications Editor at Lebanon Report and Beirut Review, and his work has been featured in countless publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Slate, the International Herald Tribune, and theLos Angeles Times. He also regularly discusses the Middle East on various television and radio shows including CNN, FOX News, BBC, and Voice of America.

2. Nada Abdel Samad (@bbcnadasamad) – BBC

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Nada Abdel Samad is the chief correspondent for the BBC Arabic in Beirut. She previously served as the news editor of New TV and reporter, presenter, and news editor for Voice of the People. In addition, Abdel Samad is a best-selling author who writes brilliantly on the topic of Lebanon and its neighboring states in the book, "Wadi Abou Jamil."

3. Liz Sly (@lizsly) – Washington Post

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Liz Sly is the Washington Post Beirut Bureau chief. Previously, Sly was the Chicago Tribune’s correspondent covering the fall of Saddam in Iraq as well as reporting from Afghanistan. She has also written for The Daily Star and the Los Angeles Times.

4. Nour Malas (@malas_n) – Wall Street Journal

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Nour Malas is a correspondent with The Wall Street Journal’s Middle East bureau. She previously spent some time freelancing for Variety.com, writing for the Dow Jones Newswire, and hosted a program on MBC.

5. Kareem Shaheen (@kshaheen) – Daily Star

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Kareem Shaheen in currently a reporter at The Daily Star. Previously, he worked with Abu Dhabi based newspaper, The National.

6. Habib Battah (@habib_b) – Daily Star, Beirut Report, BBC, Al Jazeera English

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Aside from reporting for news organizations like the BBC, The Daily Star, Al-Jazeera English, and Bold Magazine, Battah is also the founder of The Beirut Report, an influential blog reporting on Lebanon, the Middle East, and its media.

7. Youmna Naufal (@youmnanaufal) – Future TV

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Youmna Naufal is a television anchor and news presenter at Future News Television. She is the head of the English News Desk and is also the Editor-in-Chief of 'The Federation' at Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon.

8. Rami G. Khouri (@ramikhouri) – Daily Star

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Rami G. Khouri is the director of the Issam Fares Institute of Public Policy and International Affairs at the American University of Beirut. He also serves as the editor at large of The Daily Star newspaper. He has reported for publications such as the Jordan Times, the Financial Times, the Boston Globe, and the Washington Post.

9. Mohammed Jamjoom (@jamjoomcnn) – CNN

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Mohammed Jamjoom is an international correspondent for CNN based in Beirut. Previously, Jamjoom worked for Saudi Arabian English language Channel 2 as an anchor, host, writer, and producer. He has also freelance produced and coordinated for other journalists visiting Saudi Arabia.

10. Arwa Damon (@arwacnn) – CNN

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Arwa Damon is CNN's senior Beirut correspondent. Her award-winning work covers stories from Lebanon and the surrounding region, with concentration on the Syrian conflict, and, is one of the networks Iraq specialists. Previously, Damon covered Iraq and the Middle East as a freelance producer for various news outlets, including PBS and CNN.

11. Jim Muir (@muirjim) – BBC

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Jim Muir is BBC’s Beirut correspondent. His work has covered some of the most prominent news stories, including the Gulf War and the disintegration of Yugoslavia.

12. Anne Barnard (@abarnardnyt) – New York Times

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Anne Barnard is The New York Times Beirut bureau chief, currently covering the Middle East. Her recent work includes stories on Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Haiti, and Russia. Previously, Barnard served as the Middle East bureau chief for the Boston Globe before joining the Times as the Baghdad bureau chief in 2007.

13. Nour Samaha (@nour_samaha) - Al Akhbar English

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Nour Samaha is the Managing Editor of Al-Akhbar English. Previously, she worked as a reporter or Al Jazeera English and The Daily Star.

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