Life. It’s not always the easiest thing: apples with the reddest surfaces have some of the most rotten cores; it tends to rain only when our umbrellas have been left idly indoors; and could someone please explain to me why pancakes always look better than they taste?

All I’m trying to say is: you can’t get through life without a cheat or two. You just can’t.

14. Dodging Reservations
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When you end up being in a place that requires reservations, using the names Christelle Khoury and Mohammed Ali might work. There are many, many of those names walking around Lebanon and you might just be lucky enough to grab a table under one of them. This is the greatest life hack of all time, and it has worked for at least two people I know.

And hey, if it doesn’t work, no biggie.

13. Scrambled Eggs in a Microwave
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It's almost 8am, we just started our diets and are officially off man’ouche for at least a month. What on earth could we eat to stop our stomachs from rumbling like rockets on this fine morning?

I’ll tell you what you can do, dear protein lovers – make scrambled eggs in less than two minutes. All you’ve got to do is crack some eggs into a mug, add cheese, milk and some veggies and place in the microwave for a minute. After that, stir and re-heat for 30 seconds and you’ve got yourself a cup of delicious scrambled eggs. That was easy.

12. Vodka + Food Coloring = A Portable Flask
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Ha ha ha ha. And they said humans only get more stupid with time...

11. Get a Faster Wi-Fi Signal
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Before we enter a heated debate about how much time it takes to refresh the Google news homepage page in our dear country, please notice that this hack won't make your Internet faster per se, it just gives you a longer range of Wi-Fi.

Use a soda can and follow the instructions above.

10. Make Efficient Turkey Sandwiches
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The thing with Turkey is it’s usually never squared – and one slice of turkey is never enough. When we put in two slices, the turkey falls off the sandwich, lettuce flies everywhere and it's a whole big mess.

This is what you should do instead.

9. Fix Your Charger
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I can't be the only person who spends more money on chargers than my actual phone. Pull out the spring from a pen and wrap it around your charger for ultimate cushioning.

This method is proven to have saved many (charger) lives.

8. Thieves Be Gone
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Going to the beach and you’re scared of leaving your phones and cash in a purse? (You should be). Empty out a lotion bottle and put your stuff in it.

For travelling, you can hide your emergency money in an empty Chapstick tube and worry less about remembering your safety code in the hotel. Or, even better, hide it in a sanitary napkin package. HA!

7. Wake Up for Work/Class
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Some people are just not designed to wake up early, and it sucks. Put your phone in a glass and it will increase the sound of your alarm and ensure that not only you wake up, but everyone around you does too.

Another life-saver right there.

6. 1,400 Other Uses For a Peanut Butter Jar
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There’s no need to be sad when this jar of goodness is empty. Use the cover for a cookie cutter, scrape off the label to make it a flower vase, or simply use it to store toys, accessories, hair ties and all those little things that tend to get lost.

5. Dishes? Blah
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Who needs plates when we can buy a bag of tortillas for three dollars? It's an edible eating surface. BAM.

4. Overflowing Toilets No More
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When your toilet overflows, and your plumber isn’t answering the phone, turn the knob below the seat clockwise. That'll do the trick.

3. Walnuts Aren't Just for Eating
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Damaged furniture can be fixed by rubbing walnuts over the surface – works like magic!

2. Proper Parking
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To make your life easier in Beirut.

1. The Galaxy S5: The Best Hack of Them All

And now, ladies and gents, we present to you the greatest life hack of them: the bar-raising Galaxy S5.

First, the new Finger Scanner option makes purchasing online quicker and faster – you can officially say goodbye to forgotten passwords and hello to the (highly addictive) act of finger swiping. For our photographers, Samsung’s camera now comes with a faster HDR auto focus (friends – beware, your next fall shall be recorded), and a selective focus feature that makes Instagram look lame. The Heart Rate Sensor – which is the only smart phone in the world with this awesome feature – helps measure your heart rate on your phone. This is perfect for gym freaks who will be even more delighted with the improved S Health App that keeps track of your daily fitness routines.

And for the finale: Samsung S5 is – wait for it – dust and water resistant. Let’s just say you can finally get a clear and vivid Notebook picture with your lover under the pouring rain, without the consequence of having to purchase a new phone.

Life just got better, no?

To find out more about the S5, visit the Samsung Website. And don't forget to hit 'em up on social media: Facebook and Twitter.

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