Liza, a contemporary Lebanese restaurant catering to gourmands, first opened its doors in Paris in 2005 just steps from the Paris Bourse. Realizing unbounded success, Liza, the brainchild of Liza Asseily, launched its latest branch nearly a decade later in the city that inspired it all: Beirut. Located in the capital’s stylish Achrafieh quartier where it occupies the second floor of the 19th-century Abdallah Bustros Palace (right above La Posta Italian eatery), Liza was conceived by designer Maria Ousseimi.

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The restaurant preserves the structure of the traditional Lebanese houses of the 1800s. Several rooms are symmetrically arranged around a large central hall called the Dar. The doors, slightly widened, allow more light to percolate in, and it is evident how resplendent this 5,400-sq-ft space is with its ornamental window partitions, patterned wallpapers, and sleek modern furnishings. In one room, huge blowups of the old Lebanese lira plaster the walls, whereas in another, oversized banana leaves give the restaurant an exotic touch.

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The cuisine affirms the motifs of Liza: light, fresh and a delicate reinterpretation of Lebanese classics. There are plenty of vegetarian options, too, to cater to all palates. The chanklish, a feta-like strained cheese rolled in spices and herbs, is presented disparate from its accompanying parsley leaves, tomatoes, and onions—a total departure from how it is typically served in a homogeneous mix. The batenjen mtabbal is a chunky puree of roasted eggplant formed into a circular disk and topped with pomegranate seeds. The silky hummus is piped into waves like the sand dunes of an Arabian desert, and the grilled slices of halloum radiate outward from a ball of tomato confit filled with tomato jam.

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The grill platter is a bold dedication to meat: succulent cubes of marinated chicken breast, tender chunks of beef, and two fingers of melt-in-your-mouth kafta. There are even home-style Lebanese dishes like kharouf bi khams bharat, moghrabiye bel sfarjal, siyaddieh, and kebbeh mechwiyeh. The dessert is the cherry on top, with a selection ranging from sfouf bi laktine and achta with citrus fruits to an endless assortment of ice cream and sorbet.

(Photo via Blog Baladi)

Prices are what you’d expect for a sumptuous meal in the heart of posh Beirut, but they are not terribly expensive considering the atmosphere, quality of food, and location. Liza is indeed a lavish affair, the ultimate visual and gastronomical feast your senses have been pining for.

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Liza Beirut
Doumani Street
Tel.: +9611208108
Mob.: +96171717105

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