The Dome City Center or "The Egg" is an ancient building in Beirut Downtown located near the old church called "Al Azariyyeh" near Martyrs Square.The Dome City Center used to be the first and biggest cinema in Lebanon in the late 1950's.

During the Lebanese civil war, it was damaged and a big part of it was destroyed. Since that time, the Lebanese government left the building as a historical place.

The Dome City Center has different parts. The first is the Cinema hall itself located in the inside. It has very ancient ceilings with basic construction materials and floor without tiles. It also has a "gradin" where people used to sit. Second, it has the Ground Floor area and the lower areas where people used to park the cars and works were done there. Third, there is a big area down used to be for events and shows and now it is used as parking. The Dome fits 500 people.

The Egg

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    Near Al Azariyyeh Downtown Tel.: +9611980650


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