Lebanon is filled with countless sites that truly awaken the mind and inspire inner peace. For those of you looking to go on a retreat for meditation, or just to relax, here are five places you should definitely check out.

1. Ras el Jabal, Aley

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Perched atop the towns leading down toward Beirut, Aley has an incredible view of the capital. The best time to see it? Early morning, just as the sun begins to rise. It's breathtaking.

2. Nabi Ayoub, Niha el-Chouf

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I may be biased on this one, as Niha is my hometown, but out of all the places I have discovered in this beautiful country, Niha’s widespread mountains and plush greenery offers a deep sense of tranquility.

3. Chouen

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If our reflection is a mirror image of what we carry inside of us, then gaze into the pacifying silence of Lake Chouen. It's the perfect spot for learning to let go of your troubles and achieve a comforting state of meditativ bliss.

4. Baatara

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Just witnessing the sheer size and awe-inspiring glory of this natural cave is worth the trip. It almost looks like something out of Avatar’s Pandora. The view of the waterfall naturally prompts your inquisitive, philosophical feelins as you ponder nature's complex creations.

5. Arez

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If you’re a sucker for sentimental trips down memory lane, Arez is the place for you. Nature has this ability to connect you back with fruits of life, and the world whispers its wisdom in the trees. You just have to sit awhile, and listen.

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