You know you’re a Balamand student when…

1. You’re late to class because there’s no place to park

2. Every event fails no matter how many times the students try

3. Some English teachers barely speak English

4. ALBA students think it's okay to wear ugly clothes because they’re “artsy”

5. You see Najeeb, the beggar, more than your best friends

6. The cashier at the supermarket says “Merry Christmas” all year long

7. Failing a project at ALBA happens on a weekly basis because La Bookita is always busy

8. Going to the parking lot makes you smell like smoke and french fries

9. Freshmen chill on campus until 8 p.m.

10. You can never breathe at the gym due to a general lack of oxygen but you still go because Balamand students put squats and bench presses before everythaaan’.

11. The crossing from the Main Gate to the parking lot is a death trap

12. All the staff members’ last names are Salem

13. You go to the library just to sit in the air conditioning

14. You feel physically (and mentally) more capable of protecting the student body than the security guards


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