The house was built under the Ottomans in 1908, serving first as a hospital and then as a textiles factory before falling into ruin. Its 21st renovation, masterminded by Batrouniyat, makes it a potent symbol for our times. Nestled in peaceful Batrouni greenery, it is both a reminder of a golden past and a blueprint for a better future.

Local food-lovers flock here for coveted provisions. Connoisseurs come from far and wide for their favorite Batrouni produce. Dried black grapes, walnut and savoury myrtle jams, handmade chocolates, cassoulet confit de canard, Batrouni wines and organic labneh can all be found on Beit El Mouneh’s shelves and will soon be exported overseas graced with Batrouniyat’s heart-shaped logo. Style and a sense of fun abound in the vaulted multipurpose restaurant and event space with its cosy terrace and spacious garden. While in the stunning pantry house kitchen, young brides and mouneh experts learn about the latest techniques for naturally healthy sharab and foie gras. Since opening its doors in 2009 Batrouniyat has been featured by LBC’s Helweh Mourra, MTV, Al Jadeed and OTV.

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