I’m all about saving that extra buck, but when it comes to getting a blowout, my advice is: just go to a good salon!

Besides, you should know by now that Lebanon's prices are relatively cheap (a blowout in New York cost me $45!) when it comes to salon services. Most, if not all of the salons here, will charge between $10 to $15 for a blowout.

So who tops our list? Check it out:

1. Pace e Luce

(Photo via Yadig)

Pace e Luce is one of those rare, wonderful salons that you can trust not to chop off all your locks when you go in asking for a trim.

They also do fantastic blowouts and, in the unlikely even that your curls start to fall apart too soon, you can go back the next day and they'll fix 'em up for you. There are several branches in Lebanon, including one in Tripoli, and their staff is known for being friendly and organized.They are usually full, so booking an appointment – yes, even if it’s just for a blow out – is highly recommended.

Pace e Luce
InterContinental Phoenecia
Ain El Mreisseh
Tel.: +9611369100
Tel.: +9611367718

For a look at their other branch locations, click here.

2. Dessange Paris

(Photo via Dessange Paris)

Located in Achrafieh, Dessange markets itself as one of the best salons in Beirut (but only if you’re on good terms with your wallet). Not only do they give great blowouts, but they have a line of hair products that really do add some pop and glow to your tresses.

Dessange is one of those salons that you'll leave feeling like you just walked off the set of Sex in the City. Pro-tip: ask about their Thai massages. They are fabulous.

Dessange Paris
Sausalito Bldg
Tel.: +9611325503
Mob.: +9613300555

3. Salon Hajjar

Salon Hajjar is the go-to place for Hamra students. It is located a minute away from AUB’s campus and offers blowouts, along with hair trims and dyes at very reasonable prices. The best thing about this salon: they work quickly so you won't spend too much time getting your hair did.

Salon Hajjar
Jeanne D'Arc Street
Tel.: +9611368770

4. Tarek Rizk

(Photo via Facebook)

Tarek Rizk is more on the high-end side of salons, with celebrities dropping in for a blowout before a performance or television appearance. But hey, blowouts are still not too expensive there, and if you’re feeling like sharing the same salon as Haifa Wehbe, then you go for it, girl.

Tarek Rizk
Jdeideh Highway
Tel.: +961881281

5. Capri Beauty Lounge

(Photo via Facebook)

With a soothing ambiance, this place comes with amazing deals. Personally, I think they give the best blowout in town for only 14,000 LL. In addition, they are unrivaled when it comes to all things nails-related so you could always accompany your beauty session with a mani-pedi while you're at it.

Capri Beauty Lounge
Sodeco Square Achrafieh,
Block A, 1st floor
Tel.: +9611397702

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