Oh, the Lebanese mama’s boy. If you've dated him, then I’m really sorry, sista. Perhaps it wasn’t obvious at first that he was a member of the "We Love Mama’s" Club, but the very minute he told you that his dream in life was to make his mum proud, you should've known it was going to be like this.

1. No Matter What, His Mother’s Kibbeh is the Best

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Not even his teta’s can compare to mom's kibbeh. To him, his mother’s food has an unrivaled taste. Even if he’s 30-years-old, when he goes home to mama (assuming he's actually left the house, that is), he takes back a tupperware of her frozen food to reheat until they meet again.

Seriously, it's not surprising to find entire suitcases of frozen kibbeh on MEA planes.

2. That Goes for Laundry Too

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I mean, okay, we get it when it comes to cooking. But why insist on doing laundry at your mother’s? Is her Persil different than the ones they sell in stores, ya3ni?

3. If She Doesn't Approve, You Two Have To Break Up

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His mother’s opinion on his love life matters. So much. Of course, Lebanese mothers are always too proud to say you found the perfect girl because “ana ibne mafi metlo” (there is no one like my son). And although he knows that only the late Princess Diana would be satisfactory in his mother’s eyes, he’s willing to leave someone great just because mama disapproves.

4. He Still Sits on Her Lap and Itghanajes

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When he doesn’t mind her singing “meen habibi ana?” and actually goes ahead to reply in a man-baby voice, “ana” then you have entered some seriously weird territory.

All jokes aside (for just a second), a Lebanese mama’s boy has this adorable habit of kissing his mother’s hands when they first see her. It’s too frikkin cute.

5. No Matter How Much He Hates Oum Koulthoum, Mom Can Still Play Her Music in the Car

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He’d rather have a more upbeat song for their road trip to Spinneys (to go shopping together for Dettol and vegetables), but because mom insists that she wants to listen to Oum Koulthoum, he will play it – at the loudest volume, too.

6. If He Doesn't Live at Home, He Calls in the Morning and Before He Goes to Bed

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He has to hear "sabah l kheir"and "tisba7 3ala kheir" from her, or his day will be meaningless.

7. You Can't Jokingly Swear About Mom

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Every Lebanese person swears. And let’s just say, our most common curses always include mothers. Well, you can't use these ones in front of mama’s boy. Like, really – don’t. Mama's boy will not stand for this kind of implied insult.

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