So you decide tonight is a good night for Uruguay Street

It’s going to be great, you think

The bars are nice

The people are friendly

The music is good

It’s just an all-around fun time

Word to your moms

So you step out of the car feeling all fabulous

And begin your trek down the street

And it starts...

1. What the hell is she wearing?!

2. Why is everyone so dressed up?!

3. Oh my god, do these people, like, live here?

4. Oh hey!!! I missed you too!!!

5. Ummm duhhh!! Of course I want to take a selfie!!

You pull up to the bar, not that you’re going to sit at a table…

And go to order your drink

6. 25,000 LL for a drink… Seriously? Is it mixed with gold?

7. That’s more than what some families live on…

You buy it anyway because, well, YOLO.

So in the 30 minutes you stand outside, attempting to have a conversation with someone, this is what you’ll see.

And this happens

And a lot of this

And a few of these

And a whole lot of this

And let’s not forget how this made your eyes burn

And this…

Until you decide...

8. Enough. I can’t take it anymore

9. I’m outtttttt. Let’s check out the hipsters in Mar Mikhael.


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