When you’re traveling abroad and someone asks where you’re from and your answer is: “I am Lebanese,” these are the likely reactions.

1. Where is Lebanon exactly?

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Good question. Sometimes I ask myself the same question – where is Lebanon in all of this mess? Mhm?

No, but all jokes aside I recently met two Americans that had absolutely no idea where Lebanon was – my ego was pretty shaken up, I’ll tell ya. How can you not know where Lebanon is? 3ayb 3layk. Hayda Lebnen. Mafi minno la Lebnen.

2. Oh that tiny country on the map

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This is the reaction you get from the nerds that have memorized the map of the world and only recognize Lebanon for the tiny dot that it is on the world's map.

3. You guys are so exotic

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Nah, not really. We’re as “modernized” (or – forgive me – westernized might be a better term) as it gets when it comes to our lifestyle.

If you consider living without 24/7 electricity or water exotic, then yes sometimes we’re exotic... maybe.

4. Wait.. how come you’re not wearing a niqab/jilabiyye?

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The question you should ask most Lebanese women is actually how come they’re not half naked.

5. Do you guys ride camels?

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1. This is not the desert.
2. Please go die. Thanks.

6. We heard you have the most beautiful girls in the world

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As long as this is not based on a picture you saw of Haifa Wehbe, then teeeeeeenks.


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Wait till you try hummus that’s not been processed and distributed in plastic cans.

8. You guys are badass when it comes to partying

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We’re also really intellectual, by the way.

9. I cannot believe you have 18 different religious sects

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Me too. I also cannot believe we coexist in peace. Isn’t our country just amazing?

10. Ohhooo. Hezbollah. YOU ARE ZA TERRORISTS!

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Shut "ub your mouse," Obama.

11. Plastic surgery is pretty big in your country, right?

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No, it’s all naturale. We love natural beauty in our country.

12. Lebanese = Racist

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Sometimes, we think the news of our racism is only widespread in our country. On the two occasions I visited Ghana and Sri Lanka, I met a couple of (amazing) people who equated being Lebanese with being racist.

13. Treat your women better.

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Yes. Shame on us.

14. Treat your men better.

Don’t believe everything Nemr Bou Nassar says okay? Just because women scream at their husbands at parties doesn’t mean we’re all like that.

No, I’m kidding. Everyone should treat everyone better in Lebanon.
#love & #peace

15. Oh, you guys hate Jews.

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We really don’t – just because there’s enmity between Israel and Lebanon does not mean Lebanese people hate Jews. There is a huge difference between being Israeli and being Jewish.

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What about when they spell with numbers? That freaks me out

Elio Mallouhi on Jun 6, 2014 via web
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I just Love your listomania

Elly Bekhazi on Jun 5, 2014 via web
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Some are accurate but the 2 answers I got the most were:" Can you get us some cheap cigarettes?" and "Do you know how to cook Lebanese?"

Elie Abiad on Jun 4, 2014 via web