1. There will always be a girl wearing higher heels than yours

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Your prestigious status as a Lebanese schoolgirl does not allow you to settle for average-length heels. There’s no doubt mastering the art of walking-in-heels-without-breaking-your-neck will then take up a major part of your prom preparations. So you think you’re aiming too high? Relax. Regardless of which platform heels you choose to wear to prom, there will always be a girl with higher heels than yours (and probably everyone else). You’ll spot this girl as soon as you walk in (with a little help from your best friend of course) and spend the rest of the evening wondering how in the world that girl can even stand up straight.

2. You won’t recognize half the people in your class

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The superpowers of hair and makeup are best uncovered during Lebanese proms. The ‘whoa, who are you’ moment intensifies with every new classmate you come across as lines get blurred between makeup and face painting.

3. He’ll never ask you to prom like in the movies

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A few weeks before prom, you’ll begin to realize that having a prom date is a luxury not everyone can afford. You’ll inevitably learn at some point that your crush is going to prom with another girl and spend the next couple of weeks in denial. And even if you get asked to prom, you’ll realize it’s not going to be like that magical moment you've witnessed so many times in the movies. The fact that you're a Lebanese girl means you can't hit up prom alone so you're not going to be picky in the end.

4. A limo is no different than your school bus

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Limos have become the trademark of Lebanese proms. Places are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis, so you’ll most probably end up squeezed in the left corner with ten other classmates. Inhale as much oxygen as you can before you get in.

5. Teachers are cooler than you

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Prom night may be the only chance for Lebanese teachers to showcase the ‘cool’ factor they often lack during class hours. Your math teacher will be busy pulling off her best disco moves on the dance floor while you sit on the sidelines pretending to text.

6. Prom speeches are the ultimate lie

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Arabic prom speeches almost always involve an overemotional mix of patriotic clichés, Khalil Gibran quotes and corny statements about how much you’ll miss the school principal and the Tipp-ex masterpieces on your class desk.

7. There are hot guys in your class

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For some reason, men always look better in suits.

8. 70 percent of the girls in your class will run for Prom Queen

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“The time for crowning our Prom King and Prom Queen has finally come.” And although choices have most likely been made ever since grade 10, half the girls in your class will suddenly feel too pretty not to take the Prom Queen challenge. The worst part is that you’ll have to sit through each one’s five seconds of fame on the catwalk without complaining because you don’t want people to think you’re jealous or anything.

9. Maxi dresses are utterly pointless

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So are sparkles, three-story-high hairstyles and vampire eye shadow. But most Lebanese girls will still show up at prom wearing at least one of these.

10. You’ll end up feeling like a professional model

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There’s a camera lens pointed at you at any given moment. And even if you were the shyest person ever, by the end of prom you’ll willingly pose for the camera [duckfaces included].

11. Prom is just another night

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Oh well, mabrouk.

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