Radio Beirut is definitely one of the most popular bars in Beirut. Everyone has spent at least one Saturday night dancing to their funky tunes. But you know, it's not called Radio Beirut just because the name sounds cool. They actually are a radio station that live streams online, and they’ve got some pretty great shows. Check out some of our favorites below.

1. Bar Fight With Chyno

9:00pm -> 10:00pm

Fareeq el-Atrash MC and talented solo artist, Chyno, has expanded his talents and now hosts a radio show on Monday nights. Described as a hip-hop based opinion show, Chyno hosts a collection of guests from music personalities and interesting figures to discuss the week's happenings, play the latest hip hop tunes and deliver "The Verdict" – as one song from the local hip hop scene will be "judged."

2. Beirut Banter

8:00pm -> 10:00pm

This brand new radio show offers local cultural commentary from Allan Chaaraoui (Lazzy Lung frontman), Adrian Hartrick (journalist and cultural commentator), Cera Barr and Panos Aprahim. Airing every Thursday, the four hosts delve deep into the city's culture, covering music, food, news and the latest happenings, all the while playing a sick selection of music. They also have a sound check category, in which they feature interviews and performances of the city’s favorite bands, DJs, and taste-makers.

3. Existence is Resistance

7:00pm -> 9:00pm

Existence is Resistance is a unique radio show hosted by Ayman El-Sayed and Nancy Mansour all the way from New York, but broadcast on Radio Beirut exclusively. Revolving around a hip-hop theme, the show brings together music and social commentary, hosting a wide array of weekly guests ranging from hip hop legends to activists and cultural figures.

4. 2Famous.TV

6:00pm -> 7:00pm

Consisting of a two-fold project, was created in 2011 as a platform to communicate the adventures of two men from Norway on a mission in Lebanon to cross from the North to the South on foot. The project was later developed into a radio show by its two former hosts, Adrian and Layal, and has become the most popular show Radio Beirut hosts. It's known as a stellar source for cultural awareness and commentary due to the diverse guests, from activists and musicians to notable thinkers and artists. These days, it is hosted by a rotating cast of local Beirutis including Christine Abi Assi, Talar Demirdjian, Jade NZ, Paul Gadala, Anthony Nemer and more.

5. 'Re-volt' with Big Hass Radio Show

7:00pm -> 8:00pm

Launching the first radio hip-hop show to hit the FM airwaves in Saudi (Mix FM Saudi Arabia) back in the summer of 2011, Hass Dennaoui aka "Big Hass," now brings the passion behind "Re-volt blog" to Radio Beirut, in a show that's authentic, real and credible.

Expect mind-elevating discussions, interviews and hip hop tunes that you have never heard before. With a tagline of “Music Liberation and Bridging Cultures,” Dennaoui supports music for a cause, bringing artists with real depth together to a bigger audience, playing tunes and discussing real hip-hop culture.

Ready to listen? Visit Radio Beirut's live streaming radio site.

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