B018 management brings you a new outdoor venue located in Mar Mikhael's train station. Sunset drinks, live grilled food and great music!

Trainstation Mar Mikhael (Pop-Up Nightlife Venue)

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    Armenia Street Mar Mikhael Mob.: +96178907090


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I would like to leave a not so nice review about the "train station outdoor pub" in Mar Mkhael. I was passing by last night with 10 to 15 people (expat and travelers from all over the world). As soon as we stepped in, the security guard treated us badly. He made us feel like we committed a crime for not wearing the required “dress code”. We were first very excited to go in and discover the new place specially that it holds a great memory of Beirut, and we certainly expected a better welcoming. We left the place extremely disappointed. It is worth noting that this used to be a public space that I enjoyed showing to travelers visiting Lebanon (since I organize meeting/events for expat /travelers) before the pub devoured it. Unfortunately, this is another public space that metamorphosed into a private property accessible only by certain groups of people e.g. the posh ones or the ones with a high social status. This is yet another right snatched from the Lebanese. If the idea of this pub is to revive the train station memory/history as the owners claim, the dress code mustn’t be a problem. Have you ever seen anyone stepping into a train wearing high heels and fancy dresses or getting scrutinized by a security guard? In my humble opinion, you guys failed to achieve your goal; you failed to revive this public space and excluded most of those who once cherished the meanings that this place holds. I will make it a point not to recommend this place neither to my friends nor to the travelers.

Aimee Ghanem on Jun 25, 2014 via web