If folksy music makes you smile, then it’s no secret that dancing in the woods with no shoes on would make your day... or night. On the other hand, if electric guitars and raspy voices are your kind of thing, chances are someone dancing barefoot in the woods sounds like a joke.

Indeed, it’s no secret that the music you listen to is – more often than not – an indicator of your personality. So, let’s play this game. Who is your favorite Lebanese band? (It’s difficult, I know). And what does their music have to say about you?

The Wanton Bishops

There’s an element of complexity in your nature; you have the uncanny ability to be completely soulful and genuine in a way that puts you at the center of attention, but never to an obnoxious degree. You do everything with style. It is undeniable that there is an element of rawness in you that appreciates things for what they really are in their most authentic form. This is why nothing makes you feel better than sipping on a glass of whiskey among a close group of friends. You’re reflective, but don't necessarily jump at the chance to share your thoughts with others. In the end, you enjoy solitary artistic efforts more than companionship.

Lazzy Lung

You’re the cool kid who sits at the back of the bus and makes fun of everyone in a light-hearted, ultimately inoffensive way. How you manage to be an asshole and nevertheless garner so much popularity is hard to understand. Good job. You make way too many friends (and lovers), and can’t seem to remember their names (or faces) for the life of you. And yet, despite this carefree, easygoing attitude, there’s an intensely ambitious side to you that always wants to get ahead. You may be a rebel, but not without a cause. And admit it, deep down you just want to be loved like the rest of us.


Gentle, calm and down-to-earth are three words that best describe you. (Most) people utter “oh, that sweetheart” whenever your name is thrown into a conversation. Spring is definitely your season. Indeed, you brighten people’s lives with your bubbly air and vibrant aura. Your favorite pastime is a road trip to Batroun with a bunch of friends to enjoy sunset by the beach. A hike in the Shouf sounds just as great. You love nature and simplicity and, God damn it, you’re a great conversationalist. There’s so much about life you look forward to sharing with others.

Who Killed Bruce Lee

Freakin’ rockstar. You’re the life of the party, the bad boy in the building, the one people party with when they want their night to end up like the latest Hangover movie. Leather pants, piercings and bad humor were made for you. You’re random and that's what people love about you. A bohemian is what you are – a free spirit and soul that only Oscar Wilde could accurately describe.

Mashrou’ Leila

It’s not that you can’t fit in with the group, it's that "the group" is too conventional and cliche for your liking. And so you explore, you expand, you grow – mostly on your own. You like to constantly analyze what’s around you, and although others might be irritated at your constant musings and rumination, it is an undeniably admirable trait. You’re definitely one who seeks change and your eccentric nature, combined with your witty, satirical mind, helps you stand out. And stand out, you do. Despite your dislike for convention, you want to live nowhere else but Beirut. It is, and will always be, your favorite place.


You’re one hell of a sentimental guy/gal, and you find warmth and solace in the simplest of things. Whether it’s the tide of nostalgia you feel about your childhood memories, or the flood of excitement you get from a new song by your favorite band, it’s the little things that make you happy. Simply said, you appreciate what you have and don’t spend time dwelling on problems. It’s not that you’re unaware of faults in people or society, it’s that you believe that there are things that can be fixed on their own – and fretting about it only goes so far. Your favorite pastime is a barbecue with the family or a game of cards on the balcony with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

The Four Cats

And finally, if your favorite band is The Four Cats, then you’re a combination of everything that is wrong with Lebanon. You're probably also over 40.

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