Byblos Fishing Club was established in 1962 in the ancient Phoenician harbour of Byblos. The creator of this restaurant was a man called Pepe Abed, a legendary figure in Lebanese tourism. The restaurant became very famous due in part to its beautiful location but mainly to Pepe's sparkling personality. Over the years many famous faces have graced the restaurant with their presence and are now immortalized on the 'wall of fame' which is a charming reminder of the restaurant's past as well as its present.

The location of the restaurant is perfect. It overlooks the famous harbor of Byblos and is an ideal place to enjoy the freshest fish you will ever taste, sample different dishes from the delicious meze or catch sight of the spectacular sunset over a glass of arak. Everyone in Byblos has heard of The Fishing Club so you will have no problems finding it.

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Byblos Fishing Club

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    Old Harbor Region Jbeil Tel.: +9619540213


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