The beauty of Instagram is that it makes a rabid food photographer out of every one of us. Honestly, you could stare all day at mesmerizing snapshots of nosh, but you will never tire (hunger, on the other hand, is guaranteed). In Lebanon, there are indeed many dedicated food ‘grammers, as you’ll readily notice on any dining-out experience (cue your smartphones!). But a select handful of foodies go above and beyond with the quality of their shots and the drool factor they deliver.

Here’s a roundup of the finest feeds you should be following for all things food. Go ahead, start salivating.

1. @TheLebaneseFoodies

The IG account, @TheLebaneseFoodies is an aggregator: they repost tantalizing food photos published by “the trendiest people in Leb land” who scale the country for its best bites. If you want to up your chances of getting re-‘grammed, be sure to hashtag them.

2. @Lebanoneats

@Lebanoneats is another food regurgitator: they scour the Lebanese food scene for deliciously obscene foodporn, and they consolidate it all on their account. They’re a great resource if you want to get acquainted with a restaurant’s dishes even before making your first visit.

3. @nogarlicnoonions

Anthony Rahayel is the man behind the prolific food blog No Garlic No Onions and an eponymous Instagram account (@nogarlicnoonions). In the two years since he’s started blogging, Rahayel has authored over 835 reviews, but it’s his stunning snapshots that have us slobbering with delight.

4. @cen03fit

Christina Naim is @cen03fit, a 23-year-old healthy foodie who lost 20 kilos on portion control, exercise, and the 80/20 rule to which she adheres: 80% healthy eating and 20% cheat meals. That seems to be the secret to her success, because she doesn’t spare a dish (she’s posted over 1,000 photos) in Beirut’s sumptuous food universe! She’ll even help you locate imported novelties like Quest Bars in Lebanon.

5. @moe.chalita

Self-described as “sincerely in love with food & sushi,” Moe Chalita @moe.chalita will win you over with his close-up, high-resolution shots of gawk-worthy grub. Not only is he snapping, he’s also crafting—check out his specialty rocca-halloum-makdous-honey salad for a real treat.

6. @tasteandflavors

Taste & Flavors (@tasteandflavors) is a cooking and lifestyle magazine which releases a new issue monthly. But why wait that long to get your fix of the latest discoveries and food sightings in Beirut? Taste & Flavors also posts food happenings in the city for those who can pry themselves away from the foodporn, if only for a few minutes.

7. @Foodnthecity

@Foodnthecity brings us local and foreign coverage of some super edible adventures. They’ve got a happy balance between sweet and savory—look out for their repost of La Cigale’s red velvet layer cake, and then spot Marky’s Rio Grande Poutine.

8. @Beirut.Foodporn

A budding account, @Beirut.Foodporn follows the culinary meanderings of two self-professed “huge foodies.” What we particularly like is that this duo strays from the beaten path, visiting lesser-known restaurants outside of Beirut proper like Baie Rose in Kaslik, Geo’s Bistro in Adma, and the home bakery l’Atelier de Chocolola.

9. @beirutrestaurants

An award-winning online restaurant authority and directory, Beirut Restaurants (@beirutrestaurants) has been around since 2007. Their Instagram account has a following of over 10,000 users, and it’s no wonder, because they’ve been everywhere, and they’ve got the photos to prove it!

10. @yumyindatumy

We love @yumyindatumy for their upfront disclaimer: they’re neither bloggers nor nutritionists, nor do they pretend to be. Raya and Nat simply share yummy meals to be had in Beirut and Dubai. Their icon too is rather endearing: WTF, as in Where’s The Food, and not the indelicate texting neologism.

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