1. The immense amount of traffic.

(Image via Now)

2. How much they love that everything can be delivered.

(Image via Beirut.com)

3. Electricity, or lack of it.

(Image via This is Beirut)

4. How many times a day they have to yell. "takket il se3a."

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5. How their favorite channels keep getting cut.

(Image via No Cookie)

6. Shitty public transportation, namely the service.

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7. The wade3.

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8. How they t3awado whenever a bomb goes off.

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9. The Internet.

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10. How everyone is so angry all the time.

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11. How Lebanese people are the smartest people in the world.

(Image via Teen.com)

12. Saudi tourists.

(Image via Snarla Blog)

13. Lack of Saudi tourists.

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14. How disgusting it is when it rains in Beirut.

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15. How disgusting it is when it’s hot in Beirut.

(Image via Elite Daily)

16. The heat.

(Image via Buzzfeed)

17. How much it costs to rent an apartment in Beirut.

(Image via eHow)

18. Where the sahra is at tonight.

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19. Skybar.

(Image via SMF Blog)

20. Haifa Wehbe and Maya Diab.

(Image via Listen Arabic)

21. Weddings.

(Image via US Magazine)

22. Beyonce.

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23. How much work they have.

(Image via PGI Blog)

24. How they can’t find any work at all.

(Image via GIF Me a Job)

25. America.

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26. The gym, bro.

(Image via Giphy)

27. Plastic surgery.

(Image via Spokane Plastic Surgery)

28. How we live in a trilingual country.

(Image via Brofessional Review Blog)

29. Mana2eesh.

(Image via ifood.tv)

30. The Guinness World Book of Records.

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31. The fact that Shakira is 50% Lebanese. Also, let’s not forget Selma Hayek. I think I’ve heard a few Johnny Depp rumors, too.

(Image via Facebook)

32. AUB.

(Image via AUB Website)

33. How Lebanon is the "Paris of the Middle East."

(Image via Habeeb.com)

34. How much they want to leave.

(Image via Tumblr)

35. How much they want to come back.

(Image via GIF Bay)

36. How much they miss Beirut.

(Image via This is Beirut)

37. Because Beirut is the most amazing city in the world!

(Image via Cheap Flight House)

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