Bread Basket is a wheat-free bakery. Their mission is to provide natural baked goods made from GMO-free grains. They work with mainly barley, oat, rye and spelt.

Look for BreadBasket Square's products at the following locations: Goodies, Aziz (Kantari & Zalka), Dar, Suz Coffee Bar, Joanna’s Kitchen, Ginette, Tawlet, Bike Generation, Crossfit-B, Pova Nova, Exhale Gym, Fahed Supermarket (Furn El Chebbak), Jbeil Supermarket, Khoury Supermarket, Viva Natura Tripoli, Edde Sands, Coffee Cycle, Stop & Shop (Naccache, Adonis), Carpaccio (Naccache), Rabih Salameh (Jbeil), Cozy Foods (Beit Meri), ALTCITY, Rita’s Health Food Shop, Maison de la Sante, Nutrition and Health, Livey Health, BioNatural Foods, Kataleya, and Marqet.

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BreadBasket Square

Addresses and Contacts

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    Maison De La Sante Achrafieh

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    Rita Food Health Shop Hamra Tel.: +9611755447

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    Ibn Sina Tripoli Mob.: +96176405407


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