So you're on your way home at 1:00 a.m. and you pass by Raouche only to find the place packed with families on a weeknight, lights are on everywhere, restaurants are full, and "Bab el Hara" is on every screen you pass by. That's when you realize... it's Ramadan! So strike a smug smile and show your Muslim friends how much you know about the holy month.

Why It's a Big Deal

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Muslims believe that during Ramadan, which is the ninth month on the Hijri Calendar, the Qur'an was first bestowed upon the Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh) on a night called "Night of Power" or "Laylat al Qadr." This month is so important for Muslims it changes their whole life routine, and that of the entire country with it.

No Food? Nah, It Gets Even Harder!

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Yeah sure Muslims aren't allowed to eat from sunrise until sunset, but that's the easy part! Muslims stop eating, drinking, smoking, and EVEN TAKING MEDICINE! They stop gazing at women, they stop swearing and cursing and back biting. This "spiritual fasting" is called self-jihad (No, jihad isn't about blowing yourself up to shit).

Holy War

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Every year, Muslims around the world get into a dispute about which day Ramadan will start. The traditional way of knowing is by viewing the new moon. However, it can be calculated thanks to modern-day precise algorithms. Last year, Saudi Arabia got it wrong and had to pay what is called a "Kaffara," which is a sort of charity that's done when repenting for a mistake or sin.

Got a Date?

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Dates are a big part of Ramadan, since we're told the prophet used to break his fast on dates. So you'll see dates in restaurants, dates on the dinner table, dates on billboards; some people even roam the streets during Iftar, and distribute dates for people passing by. If you're not a fan of old school dates, there are several kinds, like dates without a seed, chocolate covered dates and even fried ones.

Eid: Let's Party Like It's 549 A.D.

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After all the patience that accompanies Ramadan, the party begins. A three-day party (Talk about Project X) where everyone wears their new shiny outfits, kids get a load of money from their parents and relatives (which in Lebanon, they usually use to buy toy guns... SMH, Lebanon). And a pro-tip for you: don't go anywhere near Hamra during daytime in Eid… kidseveryf*ckingwhere.

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