Lebanon is known for its excellent Mediterranean cuisine with most foods so incredible that they've become a staple for other regions. However, not everything is a hit – some of our local foods seem to belong in The Addams Family, such as:

1. Bemyeh (Okra Stew)

(Image via SBS.com)

This is a demonic vegetable that has tiny prickly hairs on it and looks like a thousand angry centipedes . It also gets awkwardly gooey and sticky when it is angered (cooked incorrectly). Whose idea was it to cook this?!

2. Nkha3 (Brains)

(Image via The Daily Star)

Satan himself couldn’t have commissioned a more perfect food for himself. This could very well be the national food of the seventh layer of hell.

3. Ghammeh (Stuffed Intestines)

(Image via Zaatar Land)

Fans of this food love to say that it’s not disgusting because it’s slightly similar to a hot dog. Well, hot dogs are gross too but please stop comparing the two - at least a hot dog doesn't smell like a farm. The best part is that this festive dish comes with an extremely interesting side order: rice-filled sheep stomachs. Yes, whole stomachs, stuffed and sewn like something out of the Saw movies, except gorier.

4. Lseneit (Tongues)

(Image via Discover Lebanon)

Ah, if only there was video footage of my face that one time my dad ordered this at a restaurant. I thought he was kidding... then they placed the plate right in front of me. Cue the screaming and tears. Good times.

5. Beyd Ghanam (Lamb Testicles)

(Image via Ledias Kitchen)

Do I really need to elaborate on this one? P.S. They will get you by listing it as “lamb fries” which will make you think, “hmm, I wonder if that’s like steak-fries” – then you ask the waiter and realize that no, it’s nothing like steak-fries.

6. Laban-Emmo (Yogurt and Meat Stew)

(Image via Taste of Beirut)

At first glance, this may seem like a normal food – but it has a hidden demonic twist. The original recipe calls for the meat of the lamb to be cooked in yogurt made from its mother’s milk. They cook the baby with its mother’s milk. They bathe the innocent lamb in its mom’s milk and cook it. One last time for clarification: they’re slaughtering the baby lamb, and then to add insult to injury, they cook it using its mother’s milk. I’m glad we got that straight.

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seriously, some of these foods aren't as bad as they sound . even for a picky eater like myself.

Ihsa Ne Mlss on Jul 31, 2014 via web
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We bow to your greatness, not only for this hilariously awful list, but also by being able to translate BEMYE! Keep it up, loving your posts Lama. www.blogoftheboss.com

Ralph Aoun on Jul 30, 2014 via web