Few things are more frustrating than shopping in Lebanon, like finding a donor kidney – which comes close.

1. The Clubbing Music

Skybar doesn’t hold a candle to our local shopping centers. Do you feel like hearing “Turn Down for What” thirty times in a row? Do you want to hear every remix to Rihanna’s “We Found Love?” Just head down to the nearest Zara for the complete ecstasy-fueled clubbing experience.

2. The Bitchy Staff

(Image via The Times)

You do realize that you're being paid to help us, right? Sorry I cut into your personal time of standing there and looking angry, but I need to pay for this garbage that I will probably throw away in less than a month.

3. The Disgusting and Limited Selection

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Who told you guys we wanted to buy shirts with Lady Gaga silhouettes on them? We don’t.

4. The Sizes

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Can I get a non-skinny jean? Actually, do you just have fat jeans?

5. The Dressing Rooms

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I guess I should thank these places for helping me understand what it’s like to be in a coffin. Another thank you to whoever installed those fluorescent lights that make it look like I have cellulite on my knees. (To any potential suitors reading this: my knees are in tip-top shape.)

6. Post-Traumatic Stress

(Image via Bit Candy)

After you’re done with your “shopping experience,” you will need a good three hours of recovery. Take a shower and a nap, use medication if you have to. Promise yourself that you’ll never shop again, and then make the same mistake three weeks later.

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You forgot the supercilious stare when you ask for a normal size ??? No we don't carry extra large sizes (size 12 UK)

Sylvia Kawa on Feb 21, 2016 via web