As the number of needy families who hardly find something to eat is rising, large amounts of food are wasted daily during events in hotels and restaurants.

“Save The Grace” is a humanitarian project run by a committee of volunteers that aims at saving the food surplus by cutting down waste, collecting and repacking leftover food in a hygienic and healthy manner, and distributing them to the needy.

As the name suggests, the main objective of this project is to save the grace through the proper channeling of unconsumed food, in addition to reviving the spirit of cooperation in society, and accordingly saving the
rich from the burden of wasting food that can otherwise feed a number of families. The project is also environment-friendly given its contribution to minimizing waste.

With the continuous degradation in living conditions and the increase in poverty rates, our project becomes a vital need and a pressing humanitarian obligation.

Be part of saving the grace, and help us save lives.


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