White Lotus offers a classy and unique atmosphere with different styles of music, plus karaoke.

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    $20 and above
White Lotus

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    Sarba Jounieh Mob.: +96178889322
    Mob.: +96171900728


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First of all, I don't think many of this place's visitors could understand this review due to the high level of ignorants I saw there. Yesterday we had a friend's birthday, we finished our dinner, continued to Jounieh, she felt like listening to some Arabic, so we went to this bad, if not the worst, night club ever. We arrived, I was surprised by the cheap type of people all present in one place. I asked for two glasses of Black Label, which each cost 23 000 LL (I can understand why Mandaloun might have those prices, but you my dear are not even close of a 1 star cheap motel for you to post those prices), I sit on the bar, I accidentally look at the bartender who was filling a 1/2 bottle of Black Label from a cheap bottle of whiskey that doesn't even cost 10 000 LL. I shut my mouth & wait.. Then I see him pouring our drinks from this fake Black Label 1/2 a bottle. I scream at him and refuse to take from this bottle. A PR or something comes to clear up the mess (The manager or owner or whoever's head of the snake, was hitting his head behind the bar and felt really bad about being caught, but he felt no need to interfere of course, which was the lowest thing a manage could do : Lose his balls). The pr comes and say "Sorry l ghalat bi sir." I reply "Hayda mech ghalat, hayda tedrib!" He answers "Yalla natrin yjiboulna l Black men l depot." We had no crackers on the bar, the fireworks of the fake champagne were almost gonna burn the bar..We came in after asking about the minimum charge which was not present, we went out with a high bill over a minimum charge plus the fake glasses of Black Label. I go to get my car, I ask the valet "Adde bet rid?" He answers " Add ma badik, 5, 10, 20, 100!" I give him 20 000 LL and tell him 10 000 LL please, he takes it all and leave! My friend shouts, "Rayyis aletlak 3achra!" He comes laughing with the 10 000 LL in his hand, OMG the look on his face..I scream "Mdarbinkoun 3al naseb men l Bar lal Valet!" La yali ma byefham English, hayda l ma7al bya3te alcohol madroub, bi 3abbo anene l Black wel Stoli wel Chivas w kel chi aghla men 15 000 LL bi ossas 7aram kebed l ensen y7ess fiya bi hayeto! W bi daf3oukoun 7a2 kel keis bi 7a2 aninten men l keis l wesikh li 3am techrabou. Haw 3alam mmachyin cheghel ktir wosikh.. W l kel mettefi2 ma3 l kel la yonosbo kel ensen byed3as jouwa! L idara mkhabeye bel zghar li byechteghloula chaghleta l woskha, men alcohol, lal fwetir, lal champagne, lal valet, lal pr, la naw3iyit l 3alam l mawjoude.. Ma fi wala chi jouwa 2elo 2ime w la ndif gher sawto la yali ken 3am bi ghanne (Lama nkoun 3am nozolmo!) 7aram tkoun l dawle 2ebla bi hek ma7al ykoun maftou7 lal 3alam..W 7aram ykoun aslan fi 3alam bte2bal 3a 7ala tfout 3a hek ma7al!

Perla Joe Maalouli on Nov 16, 2014 via web