1. Eh shifte, I’ve lost like six kilos.

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"You see, I’ve lost 6 kilos."
More like none…

2. Ana kteer against plast surgery. Kilne au natural

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"I’m very against plastic surgery. I’m all natural."
Yeah ok, your nose begs to differ.

3. Yi ma32oul hayete, I love my 7amete! Mitel imme!

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"Baby of course I love my mother-in-law! She’s like my mom!"

4. I’m 29.

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You must be the first woman ever to be 29 for 5 years in a row.

5. Badde 5 d2eye2!!

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"I need 5 minutes!" which translates to: "I"m five minutes away from getting OUT OF THE SHOWER."

6. I miss you too!!! We HAVE to go out soon.

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7. That was the most delicious mloukhiye I have ever had.

(Image via Reaction GIFs)

8. My boyfriend is proposing soon.

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I can feel it. I can totally feel it.

9. Fostanik byjanennnn.

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"Your dress is stunning."

10. I would never eat at Barbar! Oh god!

(Image via WhiCDN)

Ptffff. We've all done it.

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