We've discussed the crucial characteristics of the quintessential Lebanese mother, so now it's time to turn our attention to the loud, busy and bustling Lebanese baba.

Whether it’s the civil war, the way they were raised, the weather, or just some sort of magical potion they all drank before delving into parenthood, there’s something most Lebanese fathers seem to have in common.

He Wears Long Socks with his Sneakers/Sandals

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Family Sundays tend to mean going out – and what that means is your father is going to get into his brown shoes and roll his socks up pretty damn high. He will forever think this is what’s trending, and no matter how much you complain, he’s confident about what he's wearing.

This is what I call #swag.

Swearing is his First Language

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Be it a lip-smacking meal or a mad man driving a car, a Lebanese father’s first reaction to most situations is very likely a full-fledged, powerful Lebanese swear men hawde li byi3ijbuk.

He has a Beer Belly

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Even if he hasn't been chugging an Almaza with Al-Rifai nuts most of his life, Lebanese fathers seem genetically predisposed to growing a protruding belly after a certain age. Let’s just say fitness isn't a part of their routine.

Food is his Professional Field of Expertise

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They LOVE food. I mean, yes – everyone does - but Lebanese fathers take it to a whole new level. The best family trip possible is going to Ehden, Zahle or Shouf just to indulge in Lebanese cuisine. Note: despite this inexplicable love for food, they tend to criticize every meal they have outside of the house. After all, only “marte” or “emme” know how to cook.

He Honestly and Genuinely Still Has No Idea How to Use a Smartphone

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Nokia will always be the best phone in the world. Why? Because he can throw it on the wall and it will bounce back stronger than ever. Anyways, what do you need 3G or a camera for?

He's an "Excellent" Driver

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Not only does he drive “better than everyone else” (his words, not mine), but he seems to know every single zarube in Lebanon.

He's into Politics

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Whether or not he’s sectarian/secular/extremist/atheist, a Lebanese father is outspoken about all things political. It's annoying, but you have to hand it to them: they are pretty knowledgeable when it comes to politics and history.

He Will Respond to 'Papiii' and 'Popzi' More than 'Baba'

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Only because Lebanese daughters are so ghanoujeen.

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