In Lebanon, what you see (on Instagram) is not always what you get. While there are hundreds of accounts dedicated to capturing the country's beauty, sometimes putting those Insta filters to work means you're not getting a clear picture of reality. Take a look.

Bliss Street on Instagram

(Image Instagrammed by @ranaslabban)

Bliss Street in Reality

(Image via Panoramio)

Zaitunay Bay on Instagram

Zaitunay Bay in Reality

(Image via Zaitunay Bay Website)

Hamra Street on Instagram

(Image Instagrammed by @Safaqsy)

Hamra Street in Reality

(Image via Wheeler Folk)

Faraya on Instagram

Faraya in Reality

(Image via Daily Star)

Gemmayzeh on Instagram

Gemmayzeh in Reality

(Image via Beirut NIghtlife)

The Corniche on Instagram

The Corniche in Reality

(Image via Global Envision)

Raouche on Instagram

Raouche in Reality

(Image via Travel Pod)

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انستغرام او فيسبوك او بلينغ او حتى حقيقة لبنان يا قطعة من السما جنة على الارض ولك شعبها احلى شعب بالعالم على القليلة منعامل الاجنبي بما يرضي الله واذا ضاع منستقبله ومناهل فيه لبنان ومنكرمه روحوا شوفوا الاوروبيين نيع لا يطاقوالبنان يا جميل جمال يا حبيبي ياقاهر الكل

Nada Itani on Aug 23, 2014 via web