Temporary Art Platform (TAP) is a curatorial platform that develops art projects relating to the public realm. It aims to shift art practice and discourse toward a complex contextual network of public interest and concerns.

TAP supports and encourages art practices concerned with public space, urban and social design, architecture, as well as a contextual approach to curating. It intervenes in non-places, urban spaces and rural contexts, focusing on practices that forge innovative modes of production in response to their context. It participates in the creation of new networks that engage art and public space.

TAP mission is realized through three initiatives:

Research: generating an inventory of visual arts practices dealing with public space in Lebanon.
Public interventions: encouraging, producing and promoting art practices in the public realm by providing means for production and interdisciplinary residency programs.
Percent for Art: commissioning public artworks and interventions for public and private entities.

Temporary Art Platform

Addresses and Contacts

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    Ghaoui Street Furn El Chebbak Mob.: +9613289715


Past Events

Yoga Workshop by Yalda Younes Workshop or Class
Modernity Out of The Center Seminar & Lecture (Talk)
Public Presentations of... Seminar & Lecture (Discussion)
Public Presentations of... Seminar & Lecture (Discussion)


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