This week in Lebanon: we engaged in a small war on terrorism (and won), completely failed in education and ethics, and look who's back - a surprise guest star has returned. I'm not going to spoil anything for you, here's a look at the week's most noteworthy happenings.

1. Armed "Vigilantes" Break into Syrian Homes

(Image via Lebanese Forces)

Gunmen belonging to the Amal party were spotted breaking into Syrian homes in Msaytbeh and Mar Elias in broad daylight this week. The gunmen, acting as self-dubbed vigilantes, are allegedly aiming to "help" the Lebanese Armed Forces by seeking out "terrorists"... their own way.

2. Saad Hariri Returns to Lebanon in Surprise Visit

After being in self-imposed exile for three years, Saad Hariri returned to Lebanon on Friday. The former prime minister told the press that he'll be looking over the $1 billion in Saudi aid to the Lebanese army, and as for his personal safety, Hariri said: "May Allah protect everyone".

3. Education Minister: Everyone To Pass Final Exams

(Image via Annahar)

The Lebanese education system has finally hit rock bottom. The last time the government let everyone pass their final exams was during the war in 1975. But Education Minister Elias Bou Saab says he will let all students who took the exam receive a certificate. The minister said his decision came after the UCC's continued boycott to grade the exams until Parliament passes a new salary scale for teachers.

Bou Saab said he would suspend his decision for 48 hours upon the request of UCC representatives.

4. ISIS Expelled From Arsal

(Image via Annahar)

After five worrisome days of joint military actions that involved the LAF and Hezbollah, Arsal is free of ISIS terror. The damages left however are remarkable, and need immediate attention by the government. Many Syrian refugees have been ordered to leave Lebanon putting in question what actually happened in Arsal, and why.

5. Syria Rejects Return of 1,700 Refugees from Lebanon

(Image via Annahar)

In a somewhat ironic development, after the Lebanese government decided to ship back 1,700 refugees to Syria, Syria rejected their passage through the border due to suspected ties between the refugees and the Resistance.

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