You spend quality time with it every morning, and it keeps you awake in times of need. Your coffee cup is like a friend who’s always there for you. But, could it be more than just that? Some would say yes. If you're a fan of the centuries-old tradition of fortune telling by coffee, here's five pressing things your morning cup of joe is just dying to tell you.

1. Mabrouk!

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Your prince charming is on his way, or your amazing princess. It really depends on who you are. Either way, there's a relationship involved. And who knows - you might even get married! The cup reader can see it in the shadow on the bottom of the cup. Either that, or it's an old stain that won't go away. Who am I to judge?

2. Lucky You! You’re Going on a Trip.

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Your coffee cup just revealed the mountains you're going to cross, the amazing adventures you're going to encounter, and of course, the successes and failures you're going to endure -- that we all are eventually going to endure -- you can be sure of that.

3. I’m Sorry, But…

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You're going to die. Someone you love is going to die. It’s true that eventually we're all going to die, BUT when your cup says it... it means it's definitely going to happen. And s/he’s Lebanese. I’m not sure if it's because of the ongoing conflicts or endless bombings, but as a Lebanese person, you start to see death in everything.

4. Poor You

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You lack imagination. You lack motivation. And mostly, you lack the Lebanese Superstition gene. You don’t believe in cup reading. Sure, you trust your favorite politician, but noooo, not your coffee cup.

5. You’re Getting Fired!

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That trip you’re going on is called getting fired. And the death you fear is that of your career, unless you get going now, and stop trying to figure out what your coffee grounds are trying to tell you. If there’s one thing I’m sure your coffee cup forsees, it's this: it's “rou7 2ra shi yenfa3” (go read something beneficial).


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