Parents: making teenage lives miserable since the beginning of time. You just want to do things your way? Ha. Silly young adolescent. Your parents will find every BS response in the book to ensure that doesn't happen. Take a look.

1. “It's 3ayb.”

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At least 8 out of 10 times, when you ask your parents why you can’t do something, it’s because it's 3ayb. What is this about? How is wearing a crop top 3ayb? What the hell does 3ayb even mean? And who decides if something is 3ayb or not? And why am I not qualified to make that assessment? WHAT IS THIS? Last I checked, THIS IS MY LIFE. Al 3ayb al… Oufff.

2. "Mish la ilna hal osas."

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Number one, what’s with the ‘ilna’? It’s either ‘illek’ mom, or ‘ile’. There is no ‘ilna’ in this situation. Number two, ‘osas’ Mom? ‘OSAS’? How is, oh I don’t know, that shirt, or, God forbid, traveling with some friends, an ‘osa?’ I think I need to get you a new dictionary BECAUSE NOTHING ABOUT THIS IS AN OSA.

3. "Il wade3 ma mnee7"

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Please explain to me why I can’t go to HAMRA when there are problems in ARSAL, ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR KILOMETERS AWAY. Please, do tell. This should be interesting.

4. "Lama kint ana be 3omrik…"

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I’m not going to elaborate on this because we’ve all heard the stories of how Mom and Dad used to walk through alien invasions carrying a pink elephant to get to school and now you’re complaining cause you don’t have an iPhone.

5. "Ana akbar minnek w bifham aktar minnek."

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Here’s the real question: if age correlates with wisdom and authority, then why do I get yelled at when I tell my brother and sister what to do? HUH? HUH?

6. "Are you talking back to me?"

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No, I’m simply asking a question, but you’re free to interpret it as you like MAH!

7. "Why isn’t [insert name of ONE of your best friends who isn’t going because of extraordinary circumstances] going?"

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Seems to me like you’re just looking for any excuse at this point…

8. And last but not least, our favorite response ever in the whole world: “Hek, because I said so.”

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hahahahahhahahahahhhha couldn't stop laughing and relating :P … nice one

Jessica Jaber on Sep 8, 2014 via web