TEDxBeirut is a gathering of wonderful minds, designed to inspire, nurture and propagate great ideas in compliance with TED’s mission of “changing attitude, lives, and ultimately the world”. We are accountants, students, doctors, lawyers, media people, housewives and your neighbor next door. We have one thing in common – a desire to push the boundaries, make a difference and maybe even leave a legacy.

We believe that ideas are the seeds of the future and the key to reinventing our society. But most importantly, we believe that powerful ideas ought to be shared, and we would like to share them with YOU.

True to the format of conferences at TED, the presenters line-up in TEDxBeirut will lure the audience with captivating talks, stirring musical performances, and influential dialogues. So whether you want to learn something new, be inspired or simply check out from your daily routine, this conference will take you into a journey of wild intellectual adventure. This November 2012 become part of the “ideas worth spreading community”.


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