It’s hard to eat healthy in today’s fast-paced, convenience-driven world. Everywhere you go, you’re bombarded with the sights and smells of loaded sandwiches, grease-laden burgers, oversized steak platters, and fried, breaded mysterious matter.

Fortunately there are a few tasty alternatives for the health-conscious, and sushi figures right in there, up top. Light, fresh, and aesthetically appealing in its colors and form, sushi has taken Lebanon by storm.

Another protein-packed superfood hailed more recently for its nutritional value is quinoa (pronounced keen-wah). A few years ago, no one except the Peruvians knew of its holy status, but now you can sink your canines into quinoa burger patties, quinoa tabbouleh, and—thanks to the pioneering R&D team at Sushi Ko—quinoa sushi.

You heard right. The marriage of two foodstuffs esteemed for their health benefits, nutritional properties, and energy-boosting effects. Who’d have thunk it? Let’s take a walk on the wild side to discover the innovative, never-before-imagined novelties Sushi Ko is rolling across its outlets in Lebanon.

We start with the Quinoa Roll, a bundle of quinoa, guacamole sauce, and steamed rice wrapped in rice paper, which is rich in dietary fiber and Vitamin A, low in cholesterol, and free of any saturated fat. The Quinoa Roll comes in six varieties: salmon, tuna, shrimp, white fish, kani, and vegetarian. There’s something distinctly comforting about these edible creations: the slight crunch of the quinoa seeds against the softer texture of the rice, bound together in a distinctly smooth rice- and tapioca-flour sheet borrowed from Vietnamese cuisine. It is absolutely delicious.

The Quinoa Tataki resemble ping pong balls wrapped in either tuna or salmon and composed of a steamed rice and quinoa core. A delicate sauce gives the ingredients a scrumptious lift, instilling new meaning in the age-old adage, “simplicity is bliss.”
Among Sushi Ko’s offerings for the refined of tastes is the Quinoa Tartar. Picture a bed of steamed rice, atop which rest fresh cubes of salmon, avocado, quinoa and guacamole sauce. Prefer tuna? They’ve got that, too.But if crustaceans are more your fetish, try the fusion concoction of shrimp, grapefruit, orange, quinoa, and avocado. Sophistication never tasted sweeter.

Note that these trailblazing additions complement a very comprehensive menu filled with all the goodies you love and adore in sushi, from the simple nigiri, sashimi, hoso maki and temaki, to the more complex Koxy Maki, Wrap Family (the Caterpillar is a must), and Ko Special Cake. There’s even a hot menu featuring classics like tempura, teriyaki, yakitori, and noodles.

Sushi Ko definitely delivers as its name suggests (“ko” translates to “yours” in Japanese, as in “your sushi”). The international chain, host to the largest network of Japanese restaurants across Lebanon and Romania, combines thetraditional with the modern in a dazzling array of sights, tastes and flavors. ISO certified in 2008 for its Total Quality Management system, Sushi Ko takes hygiene, professional service, and quality to a whole new level that’s evident from the moment you step foot in one of its outlets.

Be sure to pop in for an adventurous and healthy dining experience like no other!

Sushi Ko can be found inside Beirut City Centre (Hazmieh); Golden Tulip Serenada Hotel (Hamra); Clay Restaurant(Cornet Chehwan); Printania Palace(Broumana); Cosmo’s Diner(Bchamoun); and Sa7se7 Café(Tripoli). It also has stand-alone locations in Zouk and Zalka.

For a full list of these locations, head to the Sushi Ko Profile on

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