There are countless – hundreds and thousands – of things that Lebanese people get wrong. Oh so wrong. From the kahrab which goes MIA every couple of hours, to our laws, water (or lack thereof), politics, driving, and general behavior in public, to name just a few. However, we do have a couple of things which we excel at (surprise, surprise).

1. Language

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Beirut is a trilingual city! That is insane. Most people in other parts of the world have trouble enough with just one language, but most Lebanese speak at least three! THREE! English, Arabic, and French – and that’s not counting the Armenian that’s abundant in some parts of the city.

2. The Perception of Punctuality

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Running 10 (more like 20) minutes late for an appointment? Don’t panic, it’s not the end of the world. Lebanese are used to it, and plan our day accordingly. Lunch at two? OK great I’ll see you there at quarter to three.

3. Delivery Services

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This is a blessing from the Gods. You can get anything, literally anything, from medicine to hookahs, a cup of lemonade, and gummi bears delivered at just about any hour of the day or night.

4. Style

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Burn your sweatpants, sweatshirts and anything else that might include the word ‘sweat’ in it. Girls here (and guys!) have some serious style. They are the queens of fashion forward thinking and it's infectious.

5. Food!

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6. Hospitality

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Although we may get a little hot-tempered, Lebanese are generally very friendly and hospitable. Asking for directions turns into "come have some Arabic coffee at my house, please, I insist." Complete strangers are generally willing to help out with anything you might need.

7. Outlook on Life

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Despite all the political turmoil that plagues the country, the people here are extremely fun-loving and hopeful of the future. They cling to the nostalgic Golden days of glory in hopes of one day restoring their beloved country into its rightful place of peace and co-existence.

8. Family Values

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Nothing is more important than family in Lebanon, and rightfully so. You won’t find many men and women willing to leave home before marriage (disregarding those who travel for work or school opportunities abroad), and mothers and fathers are infinitely respected and placed on the highest pedestal in one’s life.

9. Leisure (The Ability To "Treat Yo'Self")

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Lebanese people work to live, not the other way around. It’s safe to say, we know how to have some fun. From our notorious nightlife to our delectable food and gorgeous landscape, taking a moment to relax and enjoy everything this country has to offer is a must in Lebanon.

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