Big news for sushi lovers in Tripoli: Sushi Ko is opening its newest branch today in the northern port city's Sa7se7 Café.

All of your favorite offerings will be available, from the simple nigiri, sashimi, hoso maki and temaki, to the more complex Koxy Maki, Wrap Family (the Caterpillar is a must), quinoa sushi and Ko Special Cake.

There’s even a hot menu featuring classics like tempura, teriyaki, yakitori, and noodles.

Sushi Ko definitely delivers what its name suggests - “ko” translates to “your” in Japanese, so it really is your sushi!

Already yours to enjoy in Hamra, Zouk, Zalka and Beirut City Center, Sushi Ko recently expanded to include dine in and delivery options in the Clay Restaurant in Cornet Chehwan, Cosmo’s Diner in Bchamoun and Printania Palace Hotel in Broumana.

Sushi Ko
Available in Sa7se7 Café
Dam wl Farz (Achir Daye)
Tripoli, Lebanon
Tel.: +96106413121

Sushi Ko Opens New Branch in Tripoli

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