In a country full of corruption, bombings, and conflicts it’s not surprising to find the Lebanese collapsing from stress and anxiety. What’s a fun and beneficial way to escape this stressful life? Hiking of course. Here are five hiking spots in the North where you can just relax and enjoy the wonders of nature.

1. Cedars of Bcharre

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It's the symbol of our nation, you've just got to see a Lebanese Cedar. Where’s the best place to go? The Cedars of God Nature Reserve. The trail is pretty easy and awesome for a snow hike in winter.

No reservations are required and there are no entrance fees. If you'd like, you can donate money for the maintenance of the forest at the front gate.

2. Horsh Ehden

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With more than a thousand plant species, various rare and endangered animals and birds, Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve is not a place to be ignored by hikers and nature lovers. For 3,000 LL, you can enter the reserve and pick the trail that best suits your level. You don’t have to make a reservation, but it’s better to do so for big groups. You can call 06561092 for reservations and more information.

3. Quannoubin Valley

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Quannoubin Valley (aka Kadisha Valley or and the Holy Valley) is one of Lebanon’s must-hike destinations. If you’ve ever been to Bcharre, you might've caught a glimpse of the winding trail that leads to a monastery. That monastery is Deir Elisha, and the hike up there is beautiful. If you prefer a bigger adventure, you can contact Vamos Todos and Lebanon Mountain Trail. You will get to hike throughout the valley, visit different chapels, and be amazed by the waterfalls and scenery.

4. Tannourine Reserve

(Image via Wild Lebanon)

If you want to hike among 70,000 cedars, then head to Tannourine reserve. You will also see beautiful birds, rare flowers, and natural grottos along the trail. If you'd like to take a guided tour to learn more about the reserve and animals, you can contact Mr. Nehmeh Harb on 03277618 or Dr. Nabil Nemer on 03815029. The entrance ticket is 5,000 LL and reservations can be made by calling 06500550.

5. Qornet El-Sawda

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The Highest Peak in Lebanon and the Middle East. Need I say more? This is not a hike for novices, you're strongly advised to head up with a guided group. It’s better to check with Vamos Todos, Lebanon Mountain Trail or Sports 4 Life before going on this adventure.

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