In an act of pure academia-inspired cynicism, we decided to disclose all the mysteries of the Communication Arts world. Let's metaphorically unite to challenge the wrongs imposed on us by other majors and society at large.

1. When people don’t understand what your major means

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No, I’m not talking about your grandma here but rather about fellow college students who for some highly unjustifiable reason are not aware of your major’s existence. And while enlightening the aforementioned masses on the higher academic values of Communication Arts may have become your noble mission, an even worse reaction would be: “oh okay, so you want to be on TV…”

Like I wholeheartedly appreciate your groundbreaking analytic skills, but just in case you didn't know, uttering a bunch of words in front of a camera couldn't possibly be enough motivation for me to waste three precious years of my life (or my parent’s money for that matter).

2. When Engineering students underestimate your mental abilities

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My mental software’s capacity extends beyond basic math, really.

3. When your friends think you’re chilling during finals

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Given that a lot of your final exams are projects and/or research papers, your multiple-choice-programmed friends always feel compelled to inform you of the criminally erroneous impression that they have it harder than you. A friendly reminder that there are far more interesting forms of ‘studying’ than memorizing the complete history of a course’s previouses.

4. When your professor is cooler than you

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As a general rule, Communication Arts faculty members rate the highest on the style spectrum. It’s like they come with a built-in quirk factor (some more striking than others, of course) that radiates across the lecture hall and into your subconscious mind. Just inspirational.

5. When other students ask you to recommend ‘easy’ communication arts courses to take as electives

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This occurs specifically at the onset of each new semester. Well, I've got two things to clarify here: one, I’m not your academic adviser, and two, there’s no such thing as an easy Communications course. I would in fact advise you not to take any if you’re simply looking for another easy-A adventure, as most require higher levels of critical thinking and a considerable amount of self-investment.

6. When you’re shooting something on campus and people start to drama queen it

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So apparently having large camera equipment on campus is just creepy but snapping endless pictures of your morning outfit or whatever lunch you just had at the cafeteria using your phone camera is perfectly normal, right?

7. When you have the weirdest assignments ever

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Real life examples include but are by no means limited to the following: deactivate your Facebook account for three days and then describe your experience in a blog post, refrain from using your mobile device for 24 hours and provide a verbal account of your feelings, create a 2-minute vlog and get it to reach over 500 views within a one-week time limit. It’s like unconventional assignments are part of the department’s policy.

8. When you and your laptop become one

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Communication Arts students tend to display abnormal levels of emotional attachment to their laptops, outrageously intensifying in times of strict deadlines and final projects. Your beloved laptop always knows better anyway.

9. When your classmates are so stylish they make you question your existence

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All faith in my fashion choices dramatically disintegrates as I make my first half-step into class.

10. When people actually think you’re cool

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Well, it could be, but according to my humble metaphysically outlandish observations (and some personal experience to boot), 90% of them would rather qualify for the highly prestigious title of Professional Cool-Person Impersonator.


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