As the Arabic version of So You Think You Can Dance is set to kick off this Sunday, we’ve put together a few hints to guide your dance expectations.

1. An irrational number of leg extensions

Leg extensions are a highly favored practice for contestants (contemporary and classical dancers in particular) to showcase their flexibility. The game has been pushed to a whole new level of flawlessness by the likes of Jakob Karr, Billy Bell and Alex Wong. And while I don’t expect anyone to outshine such big names at this point, I’m genuinely looking forward for some decent leg extensions.

2. The quirky choreographer

Choreographers are known to be artistically peculiar creatures. Still, there’s always this one choreographer who somehow manages to out-weird everyone. Bottom line get ready to witness a bunch of hardcore compelling routines à la Sonya Tayeh.

3. Jumps at a height you otherwise deemed impossible to reach at the human level


4. The “hot tamale”

The “hot tamale” is usually a ballroom girl who knows how to work it (just like the one in the picture, Janette Manrara). She’ll be spotted right from the audition round and bestowed the prestigious title of firecracker for the rest of the season. Now if you were to look back at the history of the show, you’ll realize ballroom expert and resident judge Mary Murphy was the one to establish the trend by offering sizzling ballroom contestants first-class tickets on her “hot tamale train”.

5. Some carefully premeditated romance

Producers should throw in a love story between two carefully chosen dancers at some point. Dancing connects people and stuff.

6. The power couple

The show’s format requires contestants who make it into the live episodes to be divided into couples that are expected to perform a different dance style every week. And while a lot of dancers may struggle with genres that fall outside their comfort zone, there will always be a couple who seems to excel at everything that is thrown at them, having quickly succeeded to achieve a strong emotional connection.

7. Auditions being the best part of the show

Dance auditions are the most entertaining, you can trust me on that.

8. Some pretty weird outfits

Fashion choices do affect the overall aspect of a routine. Choreographers come up with all kinds of weird concepts and the wardrobe department has no choice but to follow suit. Bring it on people.

9. Severe emotional breakdown when your favorite contestant suffers an injury

Dancing is also a risky business, as contestants are susceptible to all kinds of injuries that could threaten their journey on the show. You’ve gotta keep your fingers crossed for your favorites.

10. The most awkward jury moments

Well, this is just a tiny example…

11. Unprecedented motivation to attend dance classes

I’m hoping the show would establish an otherwise nonexistent dance culture in Lebanon and the Arab World.

11 Things to Expect While Watching So You Think You Can Dance Arabia


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