I've seen cars that look more like mechanical bulls on four wheels and motorcyclists who look like they're trying to parkour through traffic. And as every taxi driver no doubt knows, there's no better way to mark your territory than with an old beat up jalopy that takes 4 hours to go 1.2 kilometers.

Here's a look at the different vehicles you'll encounter on the road in Lebanon. Vroom vroom!

Small Cars

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Carpooling should be out of the question, but somehow you still manage to pack no less that six(ty) of your friends in this tiny circus car. Watch out for speed bumps and giant SUVs, aka death monsters.

Luxury Cars

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Living in the city has essentially turned you into a status seeker, and with this car you never need a reservation.

Mini Vans

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Not that you need an excuse to drive like a maniac in Lebanon, but this vehicle will do the trick.

Sports Cars

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Because picking someone up in a car like this makes you feel so fly. Donuts in the parking lot, anyone?

Sports Car Wannabes

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Surely, a hole in the exhaust system sounds similar to a revved up Ferrari engine.


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These drivers have an almost deranged tendency to not give a sh*t about anyone else on the road. Stuck in traffic? No problem! You'll just drive over the median and hop to the other side.


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You are either a hipster on a Vespa because cars are way too mainstream, or you’re just another douche who wants to test the limits of your lifeline.


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The radio works, you've got ketchup sauce packets and plastic forks hoarded in the back seat, and all your friends who don't have cars don't care what a hot mess yours is.


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It's been through the civil war, reconstruction era and then some. The good news? You have a nice, fancy sun roof. The bad news? It's really just a hole in the roof that's never been fixed.

It’ll stop working one day... won't it?


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You must be quite the open-minded individual to call anyone who rides a motorcycle a douche. I've never seen a more useless post than this one right here. You literally listed vehicles you see every day in every country on this planet.

Jeff Battikha on Oct 20, 2014 via web