Perhaps you're sitting there contemplating all the prizes Miss Lebanon 2014 won, and wondering why it wasn't you who was crowned the most beautiful girl in the country. I mean, your momma told you that you could have won. That means something, doesn't it?

If this is all you really aspire to be in this world, then here's a simple and easy guide that will definitely help you win next year’s pageant.

Get a Nose Job

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It will definitely guarantee you a place among the finalists.

Master Your Pageant Walk

You are only allowed to trip and fall AFTER becoming Miss Lebanon. Before that, no mistakes allowed. So take a couple of lessons and put some books on your head, because that’s the only way you’ll use them, and practice walking.

Hobbies Galore

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Miss Lebanon hobbies almost always revolve around the following:
- Reading
- Horseback riding (say it in French and sound even cooler: L'équitation)
- Swimming
- Biking (again, say it in French, because vélo sounds so much better)

The Questions

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This is the most important part because, you know, even though it's a beauty pageant it requires you to be a bit intellectual. You are representing the country after all! Consider this your cheat sheet for the predictable questions asked of contestants every single year.

Tell us why we should make you the next Miss Lebanon.

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In your opinion, what’s more important: beauty or brains?

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What will you do if you win the title of Miss Lebanon?

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If you were granted three wishes, what would they be?

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(Choose from the following generic answers: world peace, cure cancer, end world hunger - and you're a shoe-in to win.)

How would you describe Lebanon to a foreigner?

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(Hint: Mention Gebran Khalil,Said Akel, Baalback and/or the Cedars and you're all set.)

Mabrouk! Maliket jamel lebnen la 3am 2015!

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Choosing miss Lebanon is a big responsibility and is based on true beauty and being smart . This blog is mocking the pageant and is representing the bad side of being miss lebanon. Choosing miss lebanon is based on true Beauty and not the fake one that this blog offered, moreover choosing the right person is based on brains and intellectual and the ability to represent lebanese girls worldwide .

Cecilio Hanna on Oct 14, 2014 via web