I hate gender labels. People can like whatever they want, regardless of whether they're male or female. Some people find it strange that I'm a genuine, real life football fan. I don’t watch ALL the games, and I don’t know every team’s squad, but I try as much as possible to stay updated on the UEFA Champions League, the Italian Serie A, the Premier League, and sometimes La Liga.

Most Lebanese girls drool over the obvious hotties like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Iker Casillas, or more recently, Ezequiel Lavezzi. But I'm here to introduce you to five football players you probably don't know, but should. These guys are all amazingly talented, and also rather easy on the eyes.

1. Diego Forlan

(Image via Telegraph)

This Uruguayan footballer’s talent is undeniable. He is one of the best strikers in the world, and I think he’s really underrated. He was awarded the Golden Ball as the best player at the World Cup in South Africa four years ago. Also, he is not as crazy as his teammate, Luis Suarez, aka ‘the biter’.

2. Petr Cech

(Image via Telegraph)

This Czech goalkeeper is unbelievable. Known for his aggressive strikes, he's helped lead Chelsea F.C. to some awesome victories. It’s no wonder they haven't let him go since signing him on to the squad 10 years ago. He even beat a serious head injury to make an amazing comeback in 2007. This player is unstoppable!

3. Sergio Aguero

(Image via Goal)

Manchester City is so lucky to have this guy. People only think about Messi when they look at the Argentina national team, but at 25, Aguero is looking really good and no doubt has a promising future ahead.

4. Hachim Mastour

(Image via Morocco World News)

Forget that girls probably don't know who he is, I'm pretty confident most Lebanese guys don't know Hachim Mastour exists. He’s only 16-years-old and plays for AC Milan. As far as I'm concerned, this guy is the next Del Piero! Prepare to witness amazing goals in the future for the Azzurri Italian national team who also signed on Mastour. By the way, he is originally Moroccan.Ya Maghrib!

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

(Image via Shock Mansion)

He's considered one of the best football players in the world, but perhaps doesn't get all the attention that Messi & Ronaldo garner. He's won 23 collective titles, and his bicycle kick last year against England was dubbed the goal of the year in 2013. Even better, this professional player is a family man, recently announcing he’ll soon retire to spend more time with his two sons. Respect.

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