William Cowper said, “Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.” Not only is it fun to date around and meet as many people as possible before you decide to settle down, it is also necessary. How else will you know that someone who cries out for his mother during climax isn’t someone you want in your life long-term?

That is why not every person you date is suited to be your boyfriend. Here are some guys you should consider cutting loose.

The PlayStation Guy

If his idea of a great evening is you watching him save the fake world from his disgusting couch, he’s probably not a great option for a boyfriend. It may be cute to watch him get emotionally invested in a game for the first week, after that it just gets sad and gross.

The Rude Boy

Thank our waitress. Respect people. Repeat.

The Stoner Guy

There is nothing wrong with some recreational, safe drug indulgence, but the guy who is still planning his day around his next bong hit is not a reliable boyfriend – but sign me up for the munchies part. Also, sign me up for some of the drugs – seriously, hit me up on Facebook.

The Rager Guy

He gets violently angry if you won’t show him who you’re texting? I’ll go ahead and guess that he drinks too much too.

The Booty Caller

If you’ve never seen him before 9 pm, chances are he’s not looking to make you his girlfriend. Hooking up is a great way to get to know someone, but don’t kid yourself.

The Mamas Boy

Does he have to consult his mom before making any decisions? Walk away and never look back.

The Slob

Euh, is that a pizza stain? Get it together; I shouldn’t be ashamed to introduce you to my friends.

The Gym-rat

While you get to enjoy the perks of a firm body to cling on to, you will also have to endure gym and diet stories until the end of time. Oh, and you want to go out for dinner? Perfect, he’ll have the grilled lettuce.

The Narcissist

His Instagram profile: chock-full of selfies. His house: framed photos of his face. His universe: himself.

The Prick

This should be a no-brainer, but isn’t. It’s not charming that he sends 200 flowers to your house after he verbally abuses you, it’s sociopathic.

The Misogynist:

Hahahaha! That sandwich/woman joke was hilarious. Ha ha ha yeah, women shouldn’t go on the moon because it doesn’t need sweeping. Wait, what do you mean you think women shouldn’t be in government because their hormones make them crazy? Yep, he’s serious.

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