While many couples in Lebanon like to keep their relationship on the DL, some would rather make their odd behaviors a more public affair. Here are some things we just can't wrap our head around.

Their idea of a romantic date is enjoying a hookah in some overcrowded café.

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The man likes to buy his date a single rose from a “florist” on the street as if it were a kind gesture rather than an excuse to get the poor man to stop begging.

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They take pictures on Manara or at the Waterfront as they stroll hand-in-hand, kiss, and admire the pigeon rocks.

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How cute is that? (Nope, it's not.)

The guys just love taking their girl for a cruise.

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Cuz there’s nothing better than riding around with deafening music while your legs cramp up, for three hours. Right?

They send each other pictures of their breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Nescafé.

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Why, just why?

Boys who send pictures of themselves at the gym to their girlfriends.

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Do you even lift bro?

They could be on their second date, but the girl’s entire family- including distant cousins and great great grandmothers- already know about the “areese.”

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To be fair this one's out of their control. They constantly have to answer when the engagement is, even if they’ve just started dating.

Around parents they act innocent and either greet with a shy handshake or a small peck on the cheek.

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But when they’re alone it’s a whole different story.

In pools they act like they haven’t seen each other in ages.

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Hug, touch, tickle, make out. You'd think this was the red light district. Nope, I'm just over here trying to get a tan while you grope one another like it's the first time you've been introduced to the opposite sex.

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