Fattoush to join the WWE, Tweeps are evil monsters, and two guys wearing lipstick and wigs preach about peace in the Middle East. As bizarre as that sentence was, it's actually the summary of the Middle East in the past week. Check it out...

Nicolas Fattoush Punches Office Worker in Throat

(Image via Lebanese Memes)

Nicolas Fattoush assaulted an office worker identified as Manal Daou, at the Baabda Justice Palace, Manal Daou after she refused to give him special treatment. According to reports, he told her to file a complaint immediately but she politely told him he would have to wait his turn. Nicolas shouted: "I am Nicolas Fattoush, I can't wait!" and boom, smack. Sounds like a poorly written sitcom, like "Fattoush the Barbarian" or "Beauty and the Fattoush".

Nicolas Fattoush then proved to everyone that he's a gentleman. How? Well he told everyone that Tourism Minister Michel Pharaon is cheating on his wife... I'm not kidding.

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Senior ISIS Recruiter Captured in Tripoli

(Image via Daily Star)

After a dramatic pre-dawn raid and gunbattle that took place in Tripoli on Thursday, a senior ISIS member believed to be recruiting jihadists to join the Daesh was captured by the LAF. In a statement, the military said Ahmad Salim Mikati, who was being monitored by Army Intelligence, was arrested in the Dinnieh region of North Lebanon during the raid on his apartment.

A Lebanese soldier suffered minor injuries during the operation.

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Lebanon Cabinet: No More Syrian Refugees

(Image via Daily Star)

The Cabinet agreed on a policy to stop the flow of Syrian refugees into Lebanon, Information Minister Ramzi Joreige announced after a session Thursday. Even the UN won't be able to register any more refugees without the consent of the Ministry of Social Affairs. Moreover, refugees who set foot in Syria will immediately lose their refugee status.

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Guys Post #ToOurCountries Parody

You're probably familiar with the two women who uploaded the #ToOurCountries video on YouTube. If not, watch the first minute of this video to see where we're headed.

After Youssef and Mahmoud Bakr realized that the video is too Pro-Assad for their taste, they made this parody. (For the best part, skip to 1:42 ).

Saudi Cleric Says Twitter Evil

(Image via Independent)

Are you a Twitter user? If so, then you're probably an evil spawn of satan... or at least that's what the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh, thinks. Al-Shiekh does have a point, since a lot of people believe whatever BS story or propaganda is posted on social media platforms these days. But that's their fault, isn't it?

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US Air Strike Destroys IS Position on Kobane Hill

(Image via Telegraph)

(Image via Telegraph)

Many people were skeptical about the efficiency of foreign air strikes to rid Syrian and its surrounding borders of Islamic militants. However, it seems to have aided the fight against terrorism on the Turkish borders.

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