Parents… can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. Be it an embarrassing situation they put you in, or their unconditional love, your Lebanese parents will always have your back (even if they’re coming after you with a slipper!) Here are ten ways you know you were raised by Lebanese parents.

1. The moment you get home they ask you: “Why are you late?” even if you arrived 20 minutes early.

2. You come home to find your parents concentrating on some Turkish or Spanish soap opera. “You’re pregnant with Alejandro’s child!?”

3. Your school lunches included home cooked meals like green beans and spinach instead of sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

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4. You don’t know what indoor voices are. Every conversation that takes place at your house sounds more like a celebration.

5. You kiss people on the cheeks to greet them and get confused about whether to stop after the second kiss or go for the third without bumping into each other.

6. After hosting a dinner at your house, you’re forced to hurry to the kitchen and wash the dishes before your guests take over. Little did they know, you’d take a detour to reach the kitchen, secretly hoping they’d be half way through with them by the time you arrived.

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7. Your mother is quite the bargainer. If she could get a discount on an already reduced 5,000 LL item, she would.

8. You learn to accept that marriage is your number one priority.

9. “No” is always a definite no! You can use the persuasive bargaining skills you’ve picked up from your mother all you want, but her answer won’t change.

10. As a kid, you always imagined what it’d be like to exchange your biological parents for cool, down-to-earth parents, but now you’re absolutely sure you wouldn’t change them for the world!

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