In Lebanon, it’s very rare to find someone who stays organized, follows schedules, and arrives to meetings on time. However, they do exist and you can usually find them hugging their planner like it’s their only child.

Aside from writing, “make a to-do list” in their daily to-do list, organized people possess these habits.

1. Your daily activities can be found jotted down on post its, sticky notes, napkins, or even scraps of paper.

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2. You’re never late for anything and most times you end up arriving extremely early.

To pass the time, you organize every app on your phone while you wait for everyone else to show up.

3. Routine is your best friend.

You normally wake up and go to sleep at about the same time each day. You pencil in the simplest tasks and most of your daily schedules look identical.

4. You most probably have your outfit for the following day already planned.

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#ootfd (outfit of the following day)

5. You plan ahead down to the smallest detail. Deciding whether to make your bed first or to get the coffee pot started is a major decision you struggle with every morning.

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6. If your bottle of moisturizer has been moved even a centimeter on your dresser, you know someone has been creepin’ around your room.

7. You keep a backup for everything in your purse like a mirror, hairbrush, extra pens, a toothbrush, three flavors of gum, and an extra pair of socks.

8. The feeling of losing your planner, or anything for that matter, is the equivalent of losing a limb.

9. You practice what you need to say before you make a phone call.

*Calls Dominos*
“Hi, I’d like to order a large vegetarian”
*Notices he said vegetarian instead of cheese. Panics. Hangs up. Practices the order. Dials again.*

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